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Simplify Your Life and Make it Better

Modern life is so frantic. We have more labor-saving devices than ever before in human history but we are living life at a faster pace than ever. We are encouraged to buy this, go there, do that and the result is that many of us are living lives that just don’t measure up to what we want. Here are some ideas to help you simplify your life to make it better.

I don’t know about you but I seem to have so many calls on my time and my money. I have so much stuff in my home that I can’t find anything. There never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I’m juggling so many balls that I can’t think straight. When I realized that all these things were affecting the quality of my life, I decided that something had to give.

Taking stock of my life, I decided that the best way to make changes that would make my life better was to make everything simpler. The sheer complexity of my life was leaving me feeling overwhelmed by it all and frequently stressed out. I felt perpetually tired and had trouble sleeping and thinking clearly.

But I had no idea where to start or how to go about simplifying my life until I read a magazine article about the psychological benefits of de-cluttering your workspace. It claimed that a clean workspace improved productivity and gave the illusion of being in control and on top of work tasks. Sounded good to me, so that’s where I decided to start.

Apparently there are some simple rules when it comes to de-cluttering and re-organizing your work space. You pick up a piece of paper and ask yourself these questions: Do I need to keep this? Do I need it on my work space? Can it be filed or delegated? What is the worst that will happen if I trash it?

Wow! Did this system work or what! I managed to reduce the amount of paper on my desk to a very small pile, I shredded buckets of papers and trashed even more. I even filed and delegated some work. I tell you, I felt so great after I had finished; like a huge weight was gone from my head and shoulders.

I was so inspired that I followed some more of the advice in that article. I moved the furniture around.  I now have a much more workable space that doesn’t look cluttered. There was a stain on one wall and I think I’ll look for a picture to put up there, to cover it and bring a bit of color to these dull gray walls.

Having discovered how much better my de-cluttered work space made me feel, I decided to try the same strategy in the rest of my home. Here’s a tip – don’t empty your entire closet onto the bed late in the afternoon. This is what I did and the job was much bigger than I thought so, come bed time, the bed was still under a pile of clothing!

So, start small; pull out one drawer and empty the contents. Pick up each item and ask those these questions: Do I wear/want this? Will I wear/want this? Do I need it? What is the worst thing that will happen if I donate it?….I know…a receipt to claim a donation when I file my taxes!! Have a big box ready to take the  local thrift store or arrange a pick up from the Salvation Army. Wipe the drawer with a damp cloth and replace only the items you have decided to keep. Be ruthless!

Don’t attempt to unclutter the whole house in one go; that is just too big a job. Aim to do one closet or one room a day/week/weekend, depending on the time you have. I guarantee you will feel so much better and you have the added bonus of being able to find the things you have.

As you de-clutter your home, consider more than simplifying your closets. What about the old refrigerator in the garage you only use when you have a party? Do you have an old TV lurking anywhere that is never watched? Do you really need to have three TVs in your house anyway? Do you have sports equipment that no one uses or camping gear left over from that one trip you took five years ago? Really simplify your life by removing any ‘stuff’ that clutters your home and your life but is not needed.

We have been programmed to get more and more stuff but does it add anything to the quality of life? We have ‘good’ stuff for special occasions; why keep them just for special occasions and then have to worry about storage? Aren’t you important enough to warrant using the ‘good’ stuff?

I further simplified my life by making some changes to my banking. I had several different accounts and it seemed I was always juggling from one to another. I kept one checking account as the working account and have my salary paid automatically into it. I arranged for the mortgage/rent and car payments to be made directly from it and a set amount to go into a savings account. All this meant that the only financial things I needed to do was pay the monthly bills as they came in. What a difference this made to my stress levels! I found I had more spare time to spend with the family as well.

Here are some more ideas for simplifying your life that I am considering putting into place. Find ways to slow down the pace of life; get up half an hour earlier on work days to avoid that mad panic associated with getting everyone off to work and school. After completing a task, whether at home or work, stop and collect your thoughts for five minutes before moving on to the next thing at hand. This strategy helps to clear the mind ready to focus on the next task.

Clean up after you as go; this prevents a mess forming and helps you keep on top of the cleaning and tidying. It also helps to keep your work surface clear so you can focus on the task at hand. Plan your day so you can multi-task or save time back-tracking. When you have a plan and a list, you don’t have to juggle so many thoughts in your mind.

Simplify your life to make it better by using some of these ideas. Letting go of ‘stuff’ is so refreshing and freeing, you will notice the difference almost immediately. Remember, being is so much more important in life than having.

So, if you reflect on your life, can you make it simpler?