Climbing our own “ladders” of possibility… living with inspiration, determination and possibility

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Ladders of possibilities  Carleton Road


Kathy’s 96 year old Aunt Okie (link to Okie’s blog: 96 years old and still writing ) recently wrote up a recollection about an experience from when she was in her 80’s… a simple little experience that I think provides inspiration to those of us seeking to live with continuing, expanding possibilities… enriched goals, inspirations and aspirations…. not living with limitations of what we perhaps might not be able to do…rather with the open “possibilities” of what we can do… right now, this minute, this month, this year… creating our own “ladders” of possibility…whether simply adding a little “E” to a road sign or undertaking major shifts in life…

As you read, perhaps keep in mind….


Ladders of Possibilities Carleton Road Meredith NH written by Okie Howe


Can you believe that? What a sense of purpose, independence, creativity and determination!  And, that pleasant, older gentleman friend? He held the ladder while Okie, in her 80’s,  climbed…

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