Dedication to Yourself

Your dedication to your work could make you feel reliable and responsible. Being able to focus intently on your tasks might give you a sense of accomplishment that could generate greater self-confidence in yourself and what you do. Even though it is important to be proud of what you can achieve, perhaps you may want to reflect on who you are as a person rather than see yourself through the lens of the role you play at work. During the day, should you begin to feel that your work defines you, you can take a few minutes to look more deeply within and ask yourself who you would be if you weren’t working. Thinking about what characteristics you have that are truly special and unique to you might help you realize that your dependability is something that is innate within you and not dependent on what you complete at work.

Learning to separate ourselves from our work gives us a healthier perspective of who we are. Since we spend so much time at work, much of our sense of self and self-worth can become wrapped up in our work-related goals and successes. The danger of this lies in linking who we are to what we do, since if we were to receive harsh words or criticism for our hard work, we could easily become devastated. By seeing your special qualities as being part of you and not part of your job today, you will have greater confidence in yourself and be devoted to the most important person….you.

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